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Agora Ciudadana 2.1.0 release

Two months and around 250 commits after our second stable release, Agora Ciudadana team is proud to announce version 2.1 of the project. It contains lots of bug fixes, improvements and new features. The release is live in agoravoting.com and you can download the installable package with install instructions here: agora-ciudadana-2.1.0.zip.

New features

The list of new features is quite large, and among the changes are:

  • Support for multiple questions in a single election
  • Support for two election types: plurality and Single Transferable Vote (STV)
  • New voting booth
  • More compact top menu
  • New delegation graph for a delegate in an agora over time
  • New (beta) election graph, which allows to visualize liquid democracy in practice
  • Lots of small improvements

With 2.1.0 version released, the development team is already busy working on the 3.0 release, which will focus on adding support for encrypted elections. In the meanwhile, have fun voting!