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Agora Ciudadana 1.1 released

Two months and nearly 100 commits after our first stable release, Agora Ciudadana team is proud to announce version 1.1 of the project. It contains lots of bug fixes and new features, and is a product not only of the developers creating the code but also of the users using it and giving very valuable feedback on what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be improved. Thus this release is the realization of a social and community driven process.

New features

The list of new features is quite large, but some of the features and things we are happy about this release are:

  • Support for secret (unencrypted) vote in elections.
  • Available in 3 languages: spanish, english and galician.
  • Improved email notifications.
  • Improved activation email usability.
  • Support for administrative permissions management in agoras.
  • Custom avatar support.
  • Allow setting in advance start and end dates in an election so they are automatically opened, and then closed  and tallied.

The installable package is available in here: and the INSTALL instructions are contained inside. Have fun!

This week in Agora Voting (11 Nov 2012)

I have decided to experiment creating a weekly post about the new developments happening in Agora Voting, so let’s start going with today’s.

gallaecio updated the Galician translations, fixing some strings and translating the new sentences. Man you rock!

Eduardo Perdices requested to add support for comment permissions and I implemented it for both elections and agoras. In the following screenshot you can see the “Comments policy” section for an Agora:

I updated also the spanish translation, translating the new strings and fixing a typographic error that Naiara (from Partido de Internet) reported.

There are a ton of things that I have in my personal TODO and also in the Agora trello board. All of them come from the invaluable feedback of our users. Keep it coming!

We are also going to do a 1.1 release really soon. Expect the 1.1 release candidate next week =).

Agora Ciudadana 1.0 released

With this first post we inaugurate the new blog and present the first final version of the Agora Ciudadana project. the code is available in github: Agora Ciudadana 1.0 download and the INSTALL instructions are inside the tar ball.

This is the first working version of an on going project. This version provides a social voting system distributed in agoras where you can join and where votes can be held. The vote is public and you can either vote directly or delegate your vote into another person for a given Agora.

You can see in live what we are currently working on and what’s planned for next 1.1 version in our Agora Ciudadana trello board. Our goals are towards an adaptable software that fits your needs and supports high security while being user friendly.