EVOTE2014 – Agora Voting in the Austrian castle of electronic voting

Last week was a special one for us at Agora Voting. On Monday we were present at the press conference where the Podemos spanish political party presented the results of our most participated election yet (more than 112000 votes cast), and the same day we flew to Austria to attend the biannual evoting EVOTE2014 conference.

The conference took place during the whole week, and was held in the Schlosshofen castle in Austria. During this event, we got to meet many people involved in national electronic elections, election officials, and also cryptographers and in general academics that are improving the state of the art.

Group photo at EVOTE2014

We also had the opportunity to meet the people from Scytl who were very friendly with us. David Ruescas from Agora Voting discussed a few ideas with them regarding secure liquid democracy and listened to some of their interesting suggestions. We also had a few meetings with Rolf Haenni and his team from the University of Berne, who are doing important work in open source secure voting and kindly took the time to discuss some avenues of collaboration with us. Our plan is to help them develop their library and mixnet, and if things go well we may even be able to build a complete system together in the mid term. Rolf also mentioned the VOTEID conferece taking place next year, we may try to publish a paper there.

It was also nice to finally meet Douglas Wikstrom, the author of Verificatum, and the person who presented one of the most interesting papers in the conference. Towards the end of the week we got the chance to show our software in a demo session. Overall it’s been exciting and very important for us to be part of this event. This week, we’re back in Spain, working in the next Podemos internet election.